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Our Mission

Honor HER  is committed to providing meals, lodging, access to medical care and job placement services for identified women veterans who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. 


No woman veteran should be homeless. 

"The sisters there helped me to fight, stay focus, and to keep fighting .  The main reason I love the foundation is because they don’t judge anyone and help build them up from day one.  I’m grateful for the HER Foundation for their generosity, love, support and most of all a wonderful stable place to start over.  Thank you all for everything. Thanks for receiving me!"  

V. Turner

Our Vision

To provide shelter and restore hope, honor, and dignity in every female veteran who seeks comfort, support, and assistance through our programs.

Our focus is on homeless single women veterans, in the Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties.

We live out our mission through our service programs, volunteer efforts, and community education of the needs of veterans.

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