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Nancy our founder passed away March 2022, but before her passing she started casting her vision about the future of HER. To know Nancy, it was evident of the what the future was for Honor HER: expand and grow as the need grows. After Nancy’s passing, her dear friend Barbara Francis was chosen to be President of Honor HER and now carries Nancy’s vision forward and keeping with Nancy’s wishes of being completely volunteer operated-no one on staff is paid a salary. 


Nancy Bullock-Prevot
January 1976 -March 2022

Nancy Bullock-Prevot retired from the United States Navy after 21 years of service. As a retired United States Navy veteran, Chief Prevot wanted to continue serving her country.


In August of 2016, Nancy founded The Honor H.E.R. (Honor, Empower, and Rebuild) Foundation, to help homeless female veterans. As a woman veteran, she believed that women veterans are the ones who are often forgotten.


“People forget that women served just like their male counterparts and fall on their luck in the same way.”


She wanted to do something to help women veterans that are struggling with a variety of obstacles that led them to homelessness.  The H.E.R. Foundation was formed to help these women veterans succeed.

The Faith House is ready to help the homeless female veterans by providing affordable housing and other services that may lead them to establishing a successful future. We are ready to help the homeless female veterans in any way we can.




Faith House Volunteers
Building of Faith House

I get asked all of the time, "How many homeless women veterans are there?" I don't know. Research has shown our women veterans make up approximately 20 percent of new recruits, 15 percent of active duty military, and 10 percent of the guard and reserve forces.


The need for an organization like Honor was evident with the increasing number of homeless women veterans that were referred or contacted to us. Since our opening in 2019, we have provided housing for over 25 single women veterans; helped over 250 women veterans. It became more and more apparent to us of how dire an organization like Honor HER was needed, not just along the Gulf Coast, but also across the entire U.S. We have accepted women as far away as Kansas, Texas, Ft. Lauderdale, and Alabama. The VA and other facilities outside of Northwest Florida continue to refer women to us for housing. The Faith House where the women who enter our program reside can only hold 11 women at a time – currently we have 2 beds left.


So, the question is what is our next step? Nancy was looking for another property to house even more women, and yet another home for women veterans with children.  Currently, Faith House is not equipped to take in women veterans who are displaced with children. In addition, Nancy wanted to build transitional housing for women who lease at Faith House ends, but still needs a little assistance.


We are working toward each of these goals though we know through faith HER vision will be manifest, we will need to be prepared to handle the influx of women from around the country. These women veterans are not looking for a handout, but a hand up. They have already served their country, communities, now we get to serve them. Through community and corporate donations and volunteers, we can start the process of casting Nancy’s vision for Honor HER.

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