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Veterans Share How Mental Health Support Helped Shape Who They Are Today

Woman and man veteran smiling  real veterans tell stories
Today I Am

With the support of their loved ones, communities and care teams, countless Veterans have learned to manage their mental health symptoms and thrive. Veterans often come through mental health treatment with a renewed sense of self, purpose and hope. But not every Veteran seeks the care that could help them heal, manage their symptoms or adjust to the new reality of civilian life.

To encourage Veterans to reach out for support, during Mental Health Month every May, VA amplifies its messages that therapy can work and that it’s OK to seek help. As part of this year’s observance, visitors to will find stories of Veterans who are proud of the advances they have made through mental health treatment.

Each featured Veteran’s story completes the thought, “Today I Am …” For example: Today, Laura, who served in the Navy, is proud that with personal dedication and professional care, she gained a clear perspective to address her eating disorder, substance misuse and sexual trauma.

“My sobriety today means … I can wake up with a clear head — that I can be proud of myself,” Laura says.

Another Veteran, Mike, tried to handle the effects of his trauma alone after serving in the Marines. When that didn’t work, he started therapy, where he found a supportive and healing community among fellow Veterans. Since then, Mike earned a master’s degree in social work so he can help Veterans and first responders. Today, he is part of something meaningful and bigger than himself.

“There’s a lot of us out here who’ve been through this,” Mike says. “And there’s a lot of us who’ve gotten to the other side.”

During Mental Health Month, visit to hear real Veterans tell their stories about what made the difference in their mental health journeys and how treatment has changed their lives and outlooks.

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