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Nancy Bullock-Prevot, CEO and Founder, HER Foundation

Words From CEO and Founder

As a retired U.S. Navy veteran with over 20 years of service, I wanted to continue to serve my country. As a female veteran, I believe that we are the ones that are, more often than not, forgotten.

I get asked all of the time, "How many homeless women veterans are there?" I don't know. Research has shown our women veterans make up approximately 20 percent of new recruits, 15 percent of active duty military, and 10 percent of the guard and reserve forces.

The H.E.R. Foundation was formed to help these women veterans succeed. I realized that the effect of statistical numbers and facts does not really impact the veterans sleeping on the street, in a car or a doorway. The H.E.R. Foundation is ready to help the homeless female veterans in any way we can.  

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Kim Edens, Vice President 
Retired Police Officer/ Spouse of Air Force Veteran
Barbara Francis
United States Navy
Barbaraet Rembert
United States Army
Ike Mims
Retired School Educator/ Spouse of Navy Veteran
Carolyn Reck
United States Army
Willie Stephens
Contractor with US Navy
Dave Murzin
Former State Representative
Dr. Nathaniel Bass
United States Army
Margarita Vazquez
United States Air Force
Robert Gravely
United States Marine Corps.
Dr. Sandra Winborne
Spouse of Navy Veteran
Dr. Samuel Denson
United States Navy
Traci Solt
United States Army


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